Strange Lovers by M. D. Smith

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Strange Lovers

Marv examined his latest paper target and totaled ninety-seven points. Seven shots in the bullseye and three in the nine-ring.

“Not bad,” a voice purred from the station next to his at the outdoor gun range.

Another shooter unloaded gear. She had luscious flowing red hair and a gorgeous face. Not like the magazine models, but strikingly beautiful for a woman in shooting gear. As she moved away to finish her setup, he noticed the shapely legs and hips covered in tight-fitting cargo pants. He smiled, thinking this was his kind of woman.

“Thanks. My name’s Marv. Come here often?”

“Not as much as I’d like.” She removed a sizeable semi-auto handgun from her case, set the .44 magnum ammo next to it, and loaded the magazine. 

“I’m Liza.”

“Wow. A Desert Eagle in .44 mag. That’s a lotta handgun. Almost five pounds.”

“Helps me be a better shot with the smaller calibers to practice with this one.” With a fresh target twenty-five feet in front of her, she fired all eight shots in the magazine. The center ten-spot almost obliterated.

Marv opened his eyes wide. “Fantastic.” He had to get to know this sexy woman better. A half-hour passed,and they’d swapped and shot several of each other’s guns and had a friendly conversation going.

“Well, I think I’ll pack up.” Marv closed his ammo boxes and began putting his guns in carrying cases. 

“I think I’ve enjoyed enough too.” Liza’s soft, deep-throated voice captivated him.

“I’m gonna get a beer at the roadhouse on the way into town. Wanna join me?” He expected a no answer.

She looked away in thought. “I don’t know.” Finally,looking back into his eyes, she nodded. “Yeah, that’d taste good. Sure.”

* * *

Over ice-cold bottles of beer, Marv talked about his gun room in the basement and his collection of over a hundred firearms. She seemed very enthusiastic. “Wannasee ‘em?”

“I see a wedding ring, Marv. What’ll your wife say?”

“We have a totally open marriage. Shirley’s out of town on a book tour. She makes a ton and probably has a guy in her hotel room right now. She won’t know.” Marv leaned in closer. “I’ll order a sumptuous dinner delivered,and we can compare our hunting experiences.”

“I don’t know. We just met.” Liza drew back with a questioning look.

When Liza finally agreed, Marv was so thrilled he nearly wet himself. He couldn’t believe how lucky he was to coax such a good-looking woman with similar interests for an evening at his home. Later he planned to show her the trophy mounted heads in the master bedroom.

It was bad enough when his bitch of a wife was there, complaining that he never worked and she provided all the money. But she let him build out the basement for his gun and reloading rooms. What he wouldn’t give to have a wife like Liza to live in that house with him. If this new friendship developed, he hoped his wife’s book tour was a long one.

Liza said she had to stop off at her house to change clothes, and she’d be along at eighteen hundred sharp for dinner. She was prompt and knocked on his door precisely on the hour.

Marv opened the door and smiled like a Cheshire Cat. “Wow. You…you look great in that skirt and blouse, Liza.” The clothes clung to her like a second skin. He admired her legs and calves in the high heels.

She walked in, hips swinging just right, with a large Louis Vuitton leather purse hung on her shoulder, nestled under one arm, and her jacket on the other. “Nice place you got here.”

Shortly after seeing the impressive gun collection, she donned her jacket for dinner. They enjoyed an outstanding catered meal. “The caviar is a pleasant touch. Delicious. Developed a taste for it in the service.”

“You were in military service?”

“Yes,” she said. “Navy SEAL. Killed people. That turns some men off.”

“Not me.” Marv leaned against the chair back and interleaved his fingers. “It makes you all the more intriguing.” 

“Not a big deal, but no bonus pay. I’m not in the Navy anymore.”

Marv didn’t press for clarification. He believed he understood the drift.

“I like you, Marv. You’re a cool guy and enjoy things I like.”

“If you’re finished, Liza, I have a couple of trophy mounts in the bedroom I’d like to show you.” He knew if she accepted that offer, a romp in the bed would be next.

Her brow wrinkled as she considered. Then it smoothed, and she smiled. “Yeah, let’s see what you’ve got.”

As they entered his massive bedroom and she removed her jacket. Marv stared as she pulled her shoulders back, quite impressed with what he saw. The first button she undid revealed a vast cleavage. 

He ripped open his shirt and yanked it off along with his undershirt. Kicked off his shoes and hopped onto the bed. 

“If I understood you correctly downstairs, we might put a deal together after tonight. I’d like you here all the time, and if you could arrange for an abrupt ending to my wife while I’m out of town real soon, I could pay you very well. Perhaps two hundred thousand dollars?” Marvcocked his head and looked at her sideways, wondering what kind of response he’d get. 

Liza put her purse on the vanity and seemed to twistat something inside. “Well, that’s an attractive offer, Marv. A price I’d normally take.”

She turned and withdrew a Beretta 9mm compact pistol with the recently attached silencer on the barrel. She pointed it at Marv. 

“But unfortunately for you, Shirley hired me already for five hundred thousand. Sorry, Marv. I kinda liked you.”

Liza fired a shot in his forehead and another center chest. The love affair was over.

M.D. Smith, IV lives in Huntsville, AL. He’s a life-long story-teller. He has written over 150 short non-fiction stories in the past 20 years for Old Huntsville Magazine. Turning to fiction, he’s written over 200 stories in the past three years. 

He has been published in Reminisce Magazine (non-fiction) and self-published seven books including Romance novels, Flash Fiction anthologies, and non-fiction short story anthologies.