2 poems by Gabriel Hart



She finally let me in again

This time, from an altered state

So she couldn’t say, “Oh, you again…”

Her crooked mouth

Eyes elevate

So I put both feet inside this time

Only because of her evacuate


I was a ghost in her apartment

I’m not sure anything has changed

I could commit to creepy-crawl it

The furniture I could re-arrange

Instead, I keep picking up things

Return them perfect to their space

A melancholic compulsion

To fix 

What cannot be replaced

A dissociating ghoul, wondering why I’m here

I float into her bedroom

No answers there, neither

My own presence is exhausting me

A fatigue lulls me disarmed

Properly, to her living room

But there’s no one there to alarm

In order to keep retracing steps

I slam her bedroom door

Lay on the couch

Cross my arms, a corpse

Since she’s not there to touch me

Trembling, I feel myself up instead

Then fall into a sort of sleep

Wake up, I’m not dreaming

Divine the remote 

Turn on the TV

That’s when it fucking hit me

That’s all she ever wanted

“Sit here, don’t talk, just be with me…”

Back in those halcyon nights

When I was a ghost in her apartment


Sincerity shall inflame

The insincere 

Who incinerate

Receipt tape

Flowing from my behind

I even gave 

Correct change

To every currency

I was up against

Yet they spazz 

In the ashes

On hoarded time

Kicking up dust — now, dust blind

My eyes




Can put the periods at the end of my lines.

This is how you get whole again

This is how you go home again

The hole I’ve dug myself 

To lay in

For a smaller gathering

Of only

My closest friends

Gabriel Hart lives in Morongo Valley in California’s High Desert. He’s the author of Palm Springs noir novelette A Return To Spring (2020, Mannison Press), the dispo-pocalyptic twin-novel Virgins In Reverse / The Intrusion (2019, Traveling Shoes Press), and his debut poetry collection Unsongs Vol. 1 (2021, Close To the Bone, U.K.). Other works can be found at ExPat Press, Misery Tourism, Shotgun Honey, Bristol Noir, Crime Poetry Weekly, and Punk Noir. He’s a monthly columnist for Lit Reactor and a regular contributor to Los Angeles Review of Books and EconoClash Review.