3 poems by Reggie Johnson

Punk Noir Magazine


365 days

Since Pandora’s box opened up

And inside the jewelry box

Was the cataclysmic remembrance

Of the racism that many people have worn as necklaces for eternity

While many people of color have worn chains and nooses from the same jeweler

From literal to figurative

The significance is still there

I guess diamonds are forever right?

Because the pressure we’ve applied for years to change the norm

Is just now starting to chip away

Many Americans over this last year has learned endurance

We have and will so much more

Many of us have persevered more than we want to

The journey is what matters right?

We’re supposed to don’t stop believing

A lot of us have become believe it when I see it people

And we did see it

Justice was served for one

A victory in an endless battle for survival

What have we learned in a year?

It takes something to go viral

A situation so uncomfortable

To become comfortable

To be a topic of conversation

It’s unnerving

Thank you that George Floyd was able to get the justice deserved

There’s still far more to do

And let’s not let it take another traumatic event

To shell shock everyone into inflicting change


My movements been frío

Stocking up on my words

Like I operate a depot

Henny & cigar smoke

Life’s funny

But this is no joke

You ain’t never experienced peace

Until your mind body and soul been at ease

Fun isn’t signed by a lease

Ironed through the struggles

Didn’t leave not a crease

Quit playing with me

You can catch up all you want

But you ain’t staying with me

You can trip on me all you want

But you ain’t staying with me

Número uno nada menos

This ain’t a game to me

Play your hands with your cards dealt

I’ve wrestled with my own demons

Earned the title and the champ’s belt

Humanized my words and I’ve made it so heartfelt

That I can take time to relax

Be at peace by my damn self



My minds been at peace

The darkness has ended its lease

Over my mind

I’ve financed my own happiness

Health is wealth

Mental health is a luxury

I let it dilapidate

And it ruptured me

Broke me down to the point that

I needed to be rebuilt

And when you build it they will come

Or however the saying goes

Because I’m positive that the sun shines brighter

A little less clouds

A little less rain

The seeds have been planted

Now I appreciate when they give me my flowers

Because you can see the synthesis in my photos

The glow up has been real

No filter necessary

The brightness shines through

And of it all, I thank you

Life showed me what it meant to be at my low

And helped me elevate to a high

That rivals any drug known to man

Thank you for the clarity

Reggie Johnson is an author reigning out of Cincinnati, Ohio. At the age of 9, he found a love for writing while on summer vacation. With influences from music, Reggie has created a rhythmic style of writing to tell his personal experiences and beyond. Reggie has 9 books available on all major online retailers and his work can be seen in various literary magazines.