Explosive Youth by Ian A. Bain


Between the mountains and the temples

runs rivers of shit

water is life

fishing’s easier with dynamite.

Peaceful legislation

dragging us to destruction

bureaucratic violence

> riot damages.

So blow it up with disobedience

watch hegemonic statues explode

and try not to get caught

in the raining shrapnel.

Skatepunk kids shirk the world

“What’s wrong?”                                                                                            “Everything”

I feel ya kid

I do.

Sycophantic succubae, noses stuck

in teachers’

in oil execs’

rectal cavities, makes it hard to smell the earth burn.

So grab your kicks,

grab your drums and your mic

stagedives and high fives

till we find our dynamite.

Ian A. Bain (he/him) is a writer of dark fiction living in Muskoka, Ontario. Ian’s work has recently appeared in Not Deer Magazine and The Crypt Online Magazine. Ian can be stalked online at @bainwrites on Twitter.