The Gift by Sebastian Vice


Pain is your gift

Don’t hide from it

Don’t squander it

And don’t piss it away

Pain is your gift

Embrace it

Nurture it

Run headstrong into it

Pain is your gift

Cry it out

Rip your heart out

Bleed it out

Pain is your gift

Grab it by the throat

But don’t choke it

Don’t control it

Be with it

And it will be with you

Pain is your gift

It may break teeth

It may shatter bones

Or perhaps crack egos

But never your soul

Pain is your gift

Perhaps the only one you have

Paint souls with it

Burn skies with it

Rape alphabets with it

But use it

Use it. Use it. Use it.

Pain is your gift

A treasure from the gods

And they wait to rejoice

In you

Sebastian Vice pens tales and poetry of a transgressive and dirty realist nature. When not writing, or wasting time, he can be found managing Outcast Press (, a new indie press devoted to transgressive fiction and dirty realism.