5 Poems by Mather Schneider

Punk Noir Magazine


I was on my motorcycle 

on the freeway

coming home from a friend’s wedding.

There was a cop in front of me and he had a fucking


and died right there

behind the wheel 

and his cop car went out of control

and I ran right into it

fell and skidded

and ended up going under

a semi going


I don’t remember nothing after that.

The doctors said it was a miracle

I didn’t die

and for a while those fucking cops

tried to pin the whole thing on me

until they figured out the guy

had a stroke while driving.

Fucking cops.

I broke nearly

every bone in my body

and I was in a coma for

8 months, lost

72 pounds.

When I finally woke up I thought I was

still at my friend’s wedding

(I guess he’s divorced now)

and my mom was by my bed and

she started bawling like a baby.

The first thing I wanted to know was where my bike

was and they told me it was

trashed and then

filled me in on all the details.

I still don’t remember it.

I had another motorcycle at home

and I wanted my uncle to drive it to

the hospital so I could ride

it home.

All the doctors and my family bitched

up a storm but I love my bikes man.

My uncle’s a good man and he brought the bike

and when I was discharged they wheeled me out

and I got on that thing

and started her up.

I was pretty shaky and pulled slowly through

the parking lot

and can you believe this shit

some asshole backed out of a parking space

and knocked into me

and broke my god damned leg!

Shit, back into the hospital I went.

Life is crazy sometimes.

My mom is so mad she didn’t

even come to visit this time

and I had to call a fucking cab

to pick me up.

Well, I guess you already know that part,

don’t you cabby? I mean

here you are!

Here we both are, ha ha!

Take me to 9th and Craycroft will ya?

I gotta see Willie at the bike shop, hopefully

he’s still kicking.

Mather Schneider’s poems and stories have appeared in many places over the last 25 years. He has 5 books available. He was a cab driver for many years in Tucson, Arizona and now lives in Mexico.