Purple Lies By Alex Z. Salinas

Purple Lies By Alex Z. Salinas   Larry Rios is an expert practitioner of white lies. They’re the lifeblood of this country, he believes. For better and worse. On his way home from work one cloudy evening he ponders what purple lies might look like. Kinda like Prince, he reckons, if Prince had strutted around…

Scream By Alex Z. Salinas

Scream By Alex Z. Salinas A quick temperature check on social media informed Larry Rios that the state of things was like Edvard Munch’s The Scream. Uneasy and wobbly and murky, despairing; lots of loud noise, extraordinarily piercing. Larry considered the little he’d read about the Norwegian Modernist painter—an insecure wreck who’d almost drunk himself…

Hide by Alex Z. Salinas

Hide By Alex Z. Salinas There was once a writer who killed so many folks in his stories that he got the idea to try it himself. He was a paranoid type so it took him months of planning. He accomplished his task; cleanup was a doozy. Beyond that I can’t say more. He discovered…

And Seek by Alex Z. Salinas

And Seek by Alex Z. Salinas Larry Rios, a murderer, hates folks, therefore he writes poetry. He’d read Wittgenstein and Proust, hoping to get tangled between spacetime, but this was back when he penned fiction. No, Larry reminded himself, you’re an autodidactic philosopher; no one’ll ever read your stuff. Plus, you’re a Chicano poet now….

Pressed by Alex Z Salinas

If this fire ant had its way, It’d smash this window and pry me open.   Can’t blame it—separated from Swarm and nowhere to fly,   Everywhere starving and Stark raving mad,   You’d crush the giant’s face with Black eyes tracking delirium,   Watching you thrash As he sips coffee on the other side….