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TELEVISION I have always watched a lot of television. Currently finishing off Game of Thrones, which isn’t quite as compelling as it was when it started but it is still pretty good. I do try and keep up with genre shows because of the website and have watched a few episodes of DC Universe’s Doom Patrol, which is quirky and intriguing. I like a lot of crime shows and my favourite TV show of all time is still HBO’s The Sopranos. I am looking forward to seeing the fourth season of Italian gangster show Gomorrah at some point soon.

BOOKS I do read a lot of fiction and I am finishing off the Folio edition of Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes. I probably read around a dozen novels a year. I like authors like George Pelacanos, Lee Child, Ian Rankin, Elmore Leonard and Mark Billingham. Last year, I reread all of TH White’s Once And Future King. I read a little bit of factual material but I do find it harder to finish though. I read a lot of graphic novels mainly for Tripwire and the last extensive run I read was the entire Hellboy Library from Dark Horse for review. When I was a kid I read Brighton Rock by Graham Greene and that did leave quite a mark on me. Over the years I have read Norman Mailer, Peter Ackroyd, Stephen King and Brian Aldiss.

FILMS I have always loved film particularly the work of the Coen Brothers. If I had to pick my favourite films of all time, that list would include Goodfellas, Godfather Part One and Part Two, Lawrence Of Arabia, Kind Hearts and Coronets, The Third Man and The Great Escape. I also like some of Christopher Nolan’s output especially The Prestige and Memento.

MUSIC I admit that in terms of music I haven’t been impressed with anything new in quite a while. Favourite bands include The Pogues, Nirvana, Manic Street Preachers, Suede, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.

TRAVEL I do like to travel as I take photos and so I enjoy trying to capture the flavour of that place. I often end up travelling to comic shows for Tripwire so sadly sometimes it is the same place every year but I would like to visit some more unusual places over the next few years.

FOOD I am a vegetarian but I do still try and enjoy my food. Favourite things are a well-made pizza and decent Thai food and I do like a lot of different cheeses. It has gotten easier to follow this diet over the past few years.

DRINK I like a decent bottle of red wine like a Bordeaux and I do like some ales as well as being partial to an occasional stout from time to time.

ART I like some of the Pre Raphaelite painters like Burne Jones and Rossetti. I also admire the work of painters like Singer Sargent and Whistler. I like illustrators too like movie poster masters Robert McGinnis and Bob Peak. I also enjoy looking at the work of illustrator turned painter Phil Hale too. I am also a fan of San Francisco-based painter Jeremy Mann, who creates these amazing, impressionistic cityscapes.

I do dabble in photography so I like the best practitioners of that art like Don McCullin, Steve McCurry, Andre Kertesz and Michael Kenna.

BIO: Joel Meadows is a journalist and writer with over three decades of experience on newspapers, magazines and books. His CV includes some of the most renowned publications in the world including Time Magazine, The Times, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Financial Times, The Guardian, Guinness World Records and The Observer.

He has also written extensively about comics, film, TV and culture for publications like Playboy, Time Magazine, Esquire, Variety, Empire, Big Issue In The North, Comic Scene and Comic Heroes. He has also written for IDW’s prestigious Full Bleed magazine, interviewing photography legend Don McCullin and acclaimed painter Jeremy Mann.

He is also editor-in-chief of Tripwire, a pre-eminent publication that covers comics, film, TV and related subjects, which existed as a print magazine from 1992 to 2013 and a website since 2015, tripwiremagazine.co.uk. His photography has appeared in places like Financial Times, Playboy Japan, Big Issue In The North, Comic Heroes, SFX, Full Bleed and Amateur Photographer. He is also the author of Studio Space, a book on comic artists and their workspaces which was published by Image Comics back in 2008.

Masters Of ComicsHe is also the author of a forthcoming book which also takes a look at the world’s best comic artists and illustrators like Posy Simmonds, Walter Simonson, Mike Kaluta, Frank Quitely, Laurence Campbell, Sean Phillips, Frank Cho, Tim Sale and many more and offers in-depth photos of their studios and talks to them about their way of working. Masters of Comics will be published in a lavish paperback by Insight Editions in June 2019. 

He is also one of the producers of the Portsmouth International Comic Con and has worked on two of these so far.


National School of Architecture – Nancy France – Livio VACCHINI Architecture by Simon P. Laurent.

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Simon 1

In 2012 Lorenzo Diez, director of the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture of Nancy, personally contacted me and commissioned me to shoot some special interior and exterior photos of this particular school. The school itself architecturally, is a special place and beyond its facade, it has great poetic strength.

Simon 2

The aim of this project is to present the building in its entirety. My personal research and investigations on this topic led me to discover the beauty of its poetry. One that does not exist at first glance, but dwells somewhere between suggestion, perception, construction and reconstruction. Somewhere between the work of Mexican architect Luis Barragan and the School’s architect Livio Vacchini. The poetry and beauty of this building came to life not only in color but also black and white, as seen though my lens.

Simon 3

1 – “The most surprising part of the project for Nancy, was the poetic design in the use of concrete blades. They are space markers, light finders, wind stoppers, but above all, they create a faceless facade. One might think of Barragan, but Barragan only pursues poetry, he does not build it.”
Livo VACCHINI; works and projects; Roberto Masiero, Author; GG Editions, Barcelona,1 999



Simon 6

simon 7

Simon P. Laurent.

A Drink with Shane MacGowan

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a drink with shane

‘A Drink with Shane MacGowan was a new form of chat show hosted by the notorious Pogues frontman, and commissioned in the 1990s by Channel 4 arts supremo Waldemar Januszczak. However, they never broadcast this anarchic debut featuring live music, lively discussion between actors, writers, and musicians, pizza, and a fair few drinks…

Featuring in this episode: Johnny Depp, Traci Lords, Joe Gores, Chris Penn, Sy Richardson, Del Zamora, and music from Los Lobos, Jimmy Witherspoon, and Homewreckers.’

Steven Ball’s Bastard Island by Alan Savage

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Bastard Island

Like a director of some impressionistic unscripted film, Steven Ball has created what I can only describe as field poetry, with a soundscape that blurs the lines between the conscious waking world and the mystical world beyond the veil. The instrumentation is never intrusive, hinting at possibilities rather than finalities. The songs are pieced together as happenstance, yet there is a disciplined compositional method at work here. This is a textured and intriguing work that draws you in and no, you’re not waiting for the chorus or hook. I played this album for a good week solid on the way to work and I found it had a calming effect on me.

So this is a recording that has a functional purpose too. To call this music something clichéd like ‘left field ambient’ would be doing it a gross injustice. This is an album that is a prime reason to explore music that is outside the peripheries of the mainstream and everything you are familiar with. I enjoy the unfamiliar journey of music like this. Stick with it and return to it; you will find it richly rewarding.

 Alan Savage is a Middlesbrough born author, poet, singer and songwriter. His many previous bands include Basczax and The Flaming Mussolinis.

Portrait Of The Artist As A Consumer: Michael A. Gonzales

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Since last year I’ve lived in Baltimore, or as I like to call it, the City of Poe. While this creepy metropolis has gotten quite a reputation for being crime ridden, drugged-out landscape where dudes name Omar walk down the streets with a big ass gun, my life is luckily quite different that the characters on The Wire. Indeed, a small list of my favorite places in the city include Normal’s Books & Records, the coolest used shop in the hood, where I go at least twice a month in search of something by Georges Simenon, Harlan Ellison, Rosa Guy and other favorite writers.

I’m working on a new short story called “Frankie Five Hundred,” about a Black woman model in 1959 living in Harlem. While researching the period, I found two books at Normal’s that were quite helpful. How I Became Hettie Jones, by writer, journalist and ex-wife of LeRoi, Hettie Jones and Minor Characters by Joyce Johnson, novelist and former girlfriend of Jack Kerouac. In addition, last year I found paperback editions of Pinktoes and The Primitive, both by my hero Chester Himes. I bought them, but the type is much too small for me to read.


I’ve always enjoyed having eclectic taste in music which can switch from Mozart to Wu-Tang without warning. Truthfully, I don’t listen much new music, though a few years ago I found myself spinning the Weeknd’s singles “Wicked Games” and “The Hills” a lot, because I just loved his drugged-out coke king angst. Of course, that was before he got all Michael Jackson and started dancing while trying to feel his face.


Fresh/Sly Stone


Walking Wound/Everything But the Girl

Super Fly/Curtis Mayfield

Pre-Millennium Tension/Tricky

Betty Davis/Betty Davis

Brown Sugar/D’Angelo

Mezzanine/Massive Attack

“Take a Bow (single)/Madonna/Babyface

Bitter/Meshell Ndegeocello


The French Connection

Annie Hall


Super Fly


The Anderson Tapes

Out of Sight

Light Sleeper

Being There

Taxi Driver

Comic Book Artists

Jack Kirby

Steve Ditko

Howard Chaykin

Alex Nino

Bernie Wrightson

Michael Wm. Kaluta

Jim Steranko

Kyle Baker

Los Bros Hernandez

Bill Sienkiewicz


The Odd Couple


The Twilight Zone

Sanford & Son

Barney Miller


The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


Law & Order

A whole bunch of cartoons

Comedians (my other favorite storytellers)

Richard Pryor

George Carlin

Jack Benny

Robin Harris

Steve Martin

Mike Nichols

Eddie Murphy

Chris Rock

Lily Tomlin

Redd Foxx


Sidney Lumet

Shirley Clarke

Wong Kar-wai

Malcolm Lee

Jules Dassin

Francis Ford Coppola

Charles Burnett

Peter Bogdanovich

Lynne Ramsay

Spike Lee

Spiritual Godparents

Malcolm X

Bob Fosse

Chuck Jones

Miles Davis

Chester Himes

Billie Holiday

Zora Neale Hurston

Vincent Van Gogh

Francis Bacon (painter)

Marvin Gaye

Bio: Essayist/short story writer Michael A. Gonzales has written about books for CrimeReads, Longreads, Catapult and The Paris Review. His fiction has appeared in various magazines, journals and websites including Brown Sugar edited by Carol Taylor, The Root, Art Decades, Bronx Biannual edited by Miles Marshall Lewis, The Darker Mask and Black Pulp, both edited by Gary Phillips. In addition, Gonzales has written about pop culture, visual art and film for The Village Voice, New York, Wax Poetics, HYCIDE, Pitchfork and Newark Bound. Upcoming short stories will be published in the photo book It’s After The End Of The World by Gerald Jenkins and SOLEDAD #2 edited by Jeremy R Richey.

Photo by Paul Price


Photography by Simon P. Laurent

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080910Simon P. Laurent.

Art. Same as breathing. I share a critical approach and reflection on society linked to other disciplines leading toward a interdisciplinary speech on many subjects. Photography is a way of thinking the world, your own country, your relatives. Before thinking to YOURSELF. It is a good way to exist in our world. Seems like my pictures have two positions. Some of them are present reflexive : here and now. Some other are timeless. Engaged in the world we live in, they are reality explorations with a social, economical philosophical approach. However, art can help to distance ourselves from an austere reality.


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A John Waters Xmas
Los Straightjackets Complete Xmas Songbook
Squirrel Nut Zippers Xmas Caravan
Rockin’ Little Xmas (a GREAT compilation)
To Drive the Winter Cold Away – Loreena McKennit
Dean Martin Xmas Album
Ding Dong – George Harrison
Father Christmas – The Kinks
December Will Be Magic Again – Kate Bush
And of course: No Xmas for John Quays & Protein Christmas – The Fall
+ a bunch of Scandinavian Xmas CDs that I don’t have in front of me now but mostly from Northside
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell
Bell, Book & Candle
Fanny & Alexander
Long Kiss Goodnight
Die Hard
In Bruges
The Man Who Came to Dinner
The Ref
The Thin Man
A Xmas Carol (Sim version)
Rare Exports
Shop Around the Corner
The Bishop’s Wife
Old Acquaintance (which is really New Years but so what)
The Grinch Who Stole Xmas
Royle Family Xmas Specials (especially the year with Tom Courtenay)
Morecambe & Wise
Not Only But Also Xmas Special
A Wish for Wings that Work
A Christmassy Ted
League of Gentlemen Xmas Special
Mark E. Smith reading The Colour Out of Space on BBC
Chocolate chocolate chocolate
Single malt
Brussel sprouts roasted with lots of garlic and olive oil
Handmade Xmas ornaments especially by kids
Cheesecake (but only mine)
Cookies baking
A roaring fire with yule log
Jingling bells
K. A. Laity is an award-winning author, scholar, critic and arcane artist. Her books include How to Be Dull, White RabbitDream BookA Cut-Throat BusinessLush Situation, Owl Stretching, Unquiet Dreams, Chastity Flameand Pelzmantel. She has edited My Wandering Uterus, Respectable Horror, Weird Noir, Noir Carnival and Drag Noir, plus written many short stories, scholarly essays, songs, and more. Follow her on TwitterInstagram or Facebook. She also writes as Graham Wynd and Kit Marlowe.

Punk Lust @ Museum of Sex, NYC by Graham Wynd

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2018-11-30 19.20.42
The new exhibit at the Museum of Sex in NYC has a lot to offer. Anger may be an energy, but lust is too. This show crams a lot of it into a relatively small space. Everything from vintage posters and adverts to memorabilia shows the overlaps between punk, DIY zines, the burgeoning 70s porn industry (AKA how home video became an industry) and glossy mags.
2018-11-30 19.22.13.jpg
Everything the orgasm addict needs: Johnny Thunders’ black leather jacket, badges from bands, glories from Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm McLaren’s SEX shop where the marketing of punk as product began. Veers American but not totally. Nice vintage pages of Patti Smith, glam shots of Debbi Harry and Joan Jett, a full size stand-up of Iggy whipping it out, lad mag spreads, interviews with everyone from Poly Styrene to Wendy O. Williams, and even a flyer for Edith Massey appearing with ‘her all-girl punk rock band’.
2018-11-30 19.19.44
Fun stuff: more pictures on my Facebook page.
2018-11-30 19.23.06


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Cathi USE THIS ONE - May 2015 - Credit Julian Ibbitson [at] www.ibbitsonphotography.co.uk

SONGS ‘Some Velvet Morning’ Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra, ‘Telstar’ The Tornados, ‘Bedlam’ Gallon Drunk, ‘The Gospel Singer’ Big Sexy Noise, ‘Give It Up’ Lee Dorsey, ‘Let’s Take It To The Stage’ Funkadelic, ‘The Gravedigger Song’ Mark Lanegan Band, ‘The Man With The Golden Arm’ Barry Adamson, ‘Yeh Yeh’ Georgie Fame, ‘Jack The Ripper’ Screaming Lord Sutch, ‘Alice’ Sisters of Mercy, ‘The Hair of the Widow of Bridlington’ Jake Thackray.

TELEVISON Edge of Darkness, Our Friends In The North, Sopranos, House of Cards (both versions), Talking Pictures TV, the best channel in history.

BOOKS I Was Dora Suarez Derek Raymond, The Man With The Golden Arm Nelson Algren, LA Quartet James Ellroy, Red Riding Quartet David Peace, The Knockout Artist Harry Crews, Borrowed Light Joolz Denby, The Fatal Tree Jake Arnott, The Devil Is A Gentleman Phil Baker, An Underworld At War Donald Thomas, Hellfire Nick Tosches

FILMS The League of Gentlemen, Séance on a Wet Afternoon, The L-Shaped Room, Whistle Down The Wind, The Whisperers, Performance, Get Carter, 10 Rillington Place, The Wild Bunch, Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia, City of God, Goodfellas, Casino, LA Confidential…

PLACES Ladbroke Grove, Fitzrovia, Hampstead Heath, over the hills and far away.

OTHER STUFF Fortean Times and related studies in witchcraft, esoterica, ghost Roman legions, timeslips and general weirdness. The hidden history of the United Kingdom held in newspaper archives, The National Archive, The British Library, all libraries, art galleries, museums great and small. The art of Francis Bacon, Walter Sickert, John Atkinson Grimshaw, Stanley Spencer, Richard Dadd, Paul Nash, Edward Burra, Austin Osman Spare, William Hogarth, James Gilray and Viz comic. Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett and the prophet Bill Hicks.

Bio: Cathi Unsworth is the author of six highly acclaimed pop-cultural crime novels, That Old Black Magic (2018), Without The Moon (2015), Weirdo (2013), Bad Penny Blues (2009), The Singer (2007) and The Not Knowing (2005, all Serpent’s Tail). She began her writing career at the age of 19 on Sounds and has since worked as an editor on Bizarre and Purr. She has written on music, film, pop culture and general weirdness for Fortean Times, Financial Times, The Guardian, Mojo, Sight & Sound and Uncut among others. Next year will see the publication of Defying Gravity, the biography of Jordan Mooney which Cathi has authored alongside the woman known as The First Sex Pistol. More at www.cathiunsworth.co.uk