SALIENT MINUS TEN digital premiere 27 May!

SALIENT MINUS TEN is the new Sci-Fi/Horror short film from award-winning filmmaker Emma Dark, and is a cerebral foray into the darker, more disturbing, side of Science Fiction. Adam Harper (Alan Austen, Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back) is an average man. And on an average day he suddenly finds himself catapulted…

Open Eyes To The Unknown by Kristin Garth

A sonnet, illustration and footnote from Crow Carriage:   Open Eyes To The Unknown   Add the footsteps upon the stairs, eighteen at least you are aware before the groan of the unwieldy door, the rattled keys that underscore your confinement alone. Open eyes to the unknown.  Only darkness which amplifies each sound of what…

Dracula is Not Sexy by K. A. Laity

I was happy to dive into the latest take on Dracula via the BBC: Claes Bang and Dolly Wells. But I marvel anew at the attempts to make the count a sexy predator irresistible to women — and in this case men, too, which is at least something of an advance on the novel’s Victorian morality….

Children of the Stones

Children of the Stones is a British television drama serial for children produced by HTV in 1976 and broadcast on the United Kingdom’s ITV network in January and February 1977. The story was depicted over seven episodes and produced by Peter Graham Scott, with Patrick Dromgoole as executive producer. A novelisation by the serial’s writers,…

Piano Man by Graham Wynd

‘That do for you, Tommy?’ Eric had a think. Surely he was always Frank and Earnest: Frank in the north, Ernie in the south. This was north. ‘Frank, love, the name’s Frank.’ Daftie. But she was well fit, a regular gym devotee. He was a bit surprised when she responded so well to his flirting….

Recommended Read: The Man in the Palace Theater by Ray Garton

Showbiz writer John Bellows has fallen off the grid. He arrives at his old workplace looking distinctly dishevelled and convinces one of his old workmates to accompany him to the run down Palace Theater. Ray Garton’s The Man In The Palace Theater is splendid. A beautifully written, atmospheric and haunting short story.  

Godan Blood Harmony by Garret Schuelke (Part Four)

Shadows began to cloak the Kalamazoo Mall as the sun went down. Families, buskers, college students, and various other folks were enjoying the evening, unaware of the evil presence that hid among the rooftops, waiting for his prey to arrive.   He felt his spawn approach. He looked over, and saw three figures in the…

#Noirvember: Office Killer

‘Office Killer is a comedy-horror film directed by Cindy Sherman. It was released in 1997 and stars Carol Kane, Molly Ringwald and David Thornton. ‘

Pork Pie Hat by Frank Westworth

Something suitably sinister for All Hallow’s Eve… The door slipped silently closed behind the last happy customer. She left singing, her departing tune humming on the condensing air, her own take on the last verse of the last song she’d heard. The last song she’d hear; the last song she’d sing. The Chimp left his…

GODAN: BLOOD HARMONY by Garret Schuelke (Part Three)

Lord Ruthven ran into the bathroom and vomited. He nearly missed the toilet, and dropped to his knees.   “Your slave didn’t succeed, Varney?” Mysta asked, leaning against the door frame.   “DON’T CALL ME THAT!” Lord Ruthven yelled. He leaned up against the tub, took some deep breaths, and passed out.   Mysta shook…