Sooner Or Later The Light Must Come by Ian Lewis Copestick

So, here we are, mid January. 3 weeks past the winter solstice, And already the nights are Slowly getting lighter. It’s 4:15 Before it gets dark. A couple of weeks ago, it was pitch black By 4:00. As a reality and an analogy It helps to cheer me up. “This too will pass.” It never…

An Extreme Cure by Ian Lewis Copestick

An Extreme Cure One thing I’ve noticed when I’ve been In the hospital with my Dad, for his Radiotherapy, is  how friendly everybody is in The Cancer Department. They are polite, Respectful, caring and basically How human beings SHOULD be. It makes me wonder if the shock Of cancer has somehow reset them As people….

Against All The Odds by Ian Lewis Copestick

My father is already battling cancer. On the way to the hospital for both Radio and Chemotherapy the poor guy Had a stroke. Having been there Myself, I know how hard that can be. Going to the hospital to see him It struck me that every day the hospital’s Full. It’s almost impossible  to Find…

My M.R.I. by Ian Lewis Copestick

Tonight, I went for a M.R.I. scan An hour of trying to lay completely still Inside a tube that makes really loud Space noises. Wom – wom – wom – Wom – wom – wom – wom – wom – wom Bzzzzfffzzzt ! Bzzzzfffzzzt ! Wom – wom – wom – wom – wom ….

The Tears Of The Tiger by Ian Lewis Copestick

Sorrow comes like the tears of the tiger, Unstoppable like Niagara Falls. I am as hopeless as the Third Reich, Marching on towards Stalingrad. Or as sad as a puppy bought for Xmas That gets dumped on Boxing day. Everything in my life is going wrong And there’s nothing I can do to stop it….

Behind The Shops by Ian Lewis Copestick

I walk the graffitied, dead-end streets Behind the shops, where the drug kids meet To drink weak beer, and smoke super-strength weed There are no jobs, so they sell drugs Tiny pieces of crack and smack to the mugs Whose lives are  sadly, totally controlled by need I go to the shop for cigarettes The…

Case Files by Ian Lewis Copestick

Case # 46654/29-e. I have it on good authority that the bumbling, incompetent fools that made such a mess of their assignment in Canterbury have been dealt with in an appropriate manner ; They were infected with the substance that they failed to achieve their objective with. V.P. neither makes the same mistake twice, or…

Such Is Life by Ian Lewis Copestick

Mid 30s, mid- class blonde Good legs in jodhpurs. Big house with security lights To show cobbled courtyard Attached stable and horse for Early morning canter, leaving Immense piles of shit on Public roads and designated Walkways. Drinks expensive Wine with gal pals, goes on Weekend trips to Prague, Paris, and other Euro-trash Hot spots….

My Philosophy by Ian Lewis Copestick

I know that I can be a pain In the arse type, and that For reasons I have never Fully understood, a lot Of people really dislike me. But all I’ve ever wanted is For us to be truthful and Try to communicate with Each other honestly. That’s why I write. I really Believe that…

Insanities Of A Different Type by Ian Lewis Copstick

We live in a world Devoid of magic and Wonder. God is dead And nothing has yet Replaced Him. Yet, The world has not Become a more Rational place. It’s Just that insanities Of a different type Take hold .Tonight There is a huge, fat, Full October moon Just hanging there In the sky. It…