Portrait Of The Artist As A Consumer: Max Thrax

BIO: Max Thrax lives in Boston. His stories and poetry have appeared in Bristol Noir, Shotgun Honey, and Versification. God is a Killer (Close to the Bone) will be published on May 27th, 2022. Find him online at www.maxthrax.com and on Twitter @ThraxMaximilian.

TV: Play for Today, Boys from the Blackstuff, Match of the 70s & 80s, Twin Peaks, Cracker, Oz, The Shield, Breaking Bad, Serie A

MOVIES: Andrei Rublev, Scarface, White Heat, Gomorrah, Menace II Society, Ratcatcher, Pusher trilogy, Under the Silver Globe, Fresh, Taxi Driver, Friends of Eddie Coyle, Out of the Past, Blue Velvet, Sweet Smell of Success, The Third Man, I’m Bout It, Akira, Lady from Shanghai, Aguirre: The Wrath of God, Get Carter, Jackie Brown, Point Break, Night of the Hunter, Long Good Friday, Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, Red Road, The Public Enemy

BOOKS: Dashiell Hammett, Paul Cain, Jim Thompson, Ted Lewis, George V. Higgins, Shane Stevens, Donald Goines, Derek Raymond, Patricia Highsmith, Simenon, Dostoevsky, Stendhal, John Webster, Thomas Middleton, Christopher Marlowe, Tacitus, Sallust, Julius Caesar, Cato the Elder, Strindberg, Witkiewicz, Ghelderode, Jean Follain, Georg Trakl, Ted Hughes, Zbigniew Herbert

MUSIC: Bach, Berlioz, Wagner, Bartok, Pink Floyd, Japan, OMD, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Broadcast, Deftones, Guns N’ Roses, Rammstein, Shortparis, synthwave

ART: Hellenistic art, Novgorod School, Bruegel, Paolo Uccello, El Greco, Velazquez, Bernini, Caravaggio, Poussin, Goya, Hokusai, Caspar David Friedrich, Hiroshige, Gustave Moreau, Ilya Repin, Kuniyoshi, Mikhail Vrubel, Neue Sachlichkeit

BOXERS: Jack Dempsey, Charley Burley, Ezzard Charles, George Benton, Ken Buchanan, Bob Foster, Alexis Arguello, Thomas Hearns, Roger Mayweather, Pernell Whitaker, Mike Tyson, James Toney, Bernard Hopkins, Kostya Tszyu, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Dmitry Pirog, Guillermo Rigondeaux

FOOD: yogurt, grapes, blackberries, lamb, calamari, full Irish
DRINK: tea, coffee, Red Bull, pomegranate seltzer
PLACES: Boston, Los Angeles, London
QUOTE: ‘Happiness is not being afraid’ – Roy Keane

Three Poems from Max Thrax

Max Thrax lives in Boston, MA. His stories and poetry have appeared in Bristol Noir, Shotgun Honey, and Versification. Find him online at www.maxthrax.com and on Twitter @ThraxMaximilian.


Francesco said

Dead men don’t fight back

And he bloodied the street

With Della Croce heirs

In the mountains

Rain never dries

Snow never tires 

And the living wait

To reblood the valley


When the bomb exploded

I had just

Finished my coffee

Stood up at the bar

A woman in green

Clutched her daughter

Tried to hide her

Under her hair

I never crossed the road

I assure you

I never saw the bodies

The week before

I saw two young men

Roaming the streets

Around the Duomo

One wore a sneer

The other a jacket

With a patch

Fossa dei Leoni

I did not meet 

Their eyes

For they seemed more lion

Than human


You trot forward

And canter back

One ball hits the crossbar

One finds the touchline

Keep moving

Knees give

Stomach heaves

And wants to give

Even more

Your face is ancient

The skull

Of the oldest horse

In the world

More sockets than eyes

More blindness than vision

More vision than the first horse

Who slipped its blinders

And ran

And found there were no markings

No painted lines

In the meadow