Blood in, blood out by Cody Sexton

Micro fiction

He lay in pieces on the kitchen floor wondering how long he would have to lay there before someone found him and could put him back together again. He wasn’t entirely broken up however, some pieces were still attached, if only by hacked up sinews of cartilage.He had accidentally cut himself shaving this morning, when to his surprise, he found that he apparently could no longer bleed.He tried opening the wound repeatedly throughout the day but still nothing would come out. At which point he decided to retrieve the hatchet from the garage and began hacking away at himself in hopes of finding any blood that might still be left within him, but he was unsuccessful in his search.The carving knife hadn’t been very helpful either and it was then that he panicked and mutilated himself.At least he wouldn’t have to worry with bandaids ever again.

Cody Sexton is the managing editor for A Thin Slice of Anxiety and author of All the Sweet Prettiness of Life. His work has been featured at: The Diverse Perspective, Writer Shed Stories, Detritus, Revolution John, Due Dissidence, and As It Ought To Be Magazine where he is a regular contributor. In addition he is also a 2020 Best of the Net Nominee for his pioneering essay The Body of Shirley Ann Sexton.