Funny Little Frog by Graham Wynd

The row of houses stood much the same as he stepped down from the train. They had browned, as if muddy showers from passing busses had caked in the sun, baking to a tobacco stain of the pub floor. Unintentional outcomes of the smoking ban, eh?   Sebastian wondered if she changed the locks, but…


  Libby Holman (1904 – 1971) by Sarony New York, ca. 1928. The torch singer Libby Holman had a life so wild there have been at least two films inspired by it. In 1904 she was born to what had been a well-to-do Jewish family in Ohio—that is until her uncle embezzled all their money….

Out Now! Love Is A Grift by Graham Wynd

  Love is a Grift by Graham Wynd Cover and layout by S.L. Johnson Images Sex, Death and Crime: The essentials of Noir. How does obsession begin? For one hit man it starts with a target he just can’t kill. She leads him on a deadly spree across Europe. With every step he’s in deeper….

Short Story in a Song— The Go-Go’s “Vacation” by S W Lauden

I usually write about songs that would make a great short story, but this time I actually did it. My take on “Vacation” is included in the new anthology, MURDER-A-GO-GO’S, out this week from Down & Out Books. Having lived through the band’s meteoric rise in the 80s, I always thought of this New Wave…

Jolly New Songs by TRUPA TRUPA

Jolly New Songs by TRUPA TRUPA ‘A cracking album from this fabulous Polish Avant Rock group. Highly recommended and a great follow up to their superb 2015 album ‘Headache’. In fact, I think I like this a bit better. They have their own unique sound, but the easiest elements to nail are the psychedelic feel…