I refuse – a poem by Sebastian Vice

Poetry, Sebastian Vice

Are you listening?
No, I refuse
You’re too goddamn boring
Molesting my ears
Filling them with verbal diarrhea
Trivialities and banalities
A pathetic attempt to be interesting

I was raped when I was 11
My father killed himself in 2002
I’ve starved
Been beaten
I’ve cried alone in the shower
Attempted suicide three times
And I’ve masturbated
Not because I was horny
But for the brief moments I could forget
The pain of being human

So no, I’m not listening, nor do I care

You tell me how,
you got blown behind a dumpster,
puss oozed from your dick after an untreated STD,
your nose bled after snorting too much blow,
your botch suicides
your uncle’s molestation

Then I’m listening
Then I care

Sebastian Vice is the founder of Outcast Press, an indie publication
specializing in transgressive fiction and dirty realism. His short
fiction and poetry has appeared in Punk Noir Magazine, and A Thin
Slice of Anxiety. His flash fiction piece “One Last Good Day” has been
nominated for Best Of The Net 2021. He has forthcoming short stories
in Cinnabar Moth Publishing, Close To The Bone, Terror House Magazine,
and Outcast Press’ anthology In Filth It Shall Be Found. His debut
novel Heaven’s Tourist will be published by Cinnabar Moth Publishing
(Nov 2022). You can find him on Twitter: @sebastian_vice.