Short Story in a Song— The Kinks’ “Picture Book” by S W Lauden

After countless thousands of hours spent thinking about rock and roll, I’ve decided The Kinks are the common denominator for most of my favorite music. Something Else by The Kinks (1967) was a go-to for years, but in the past decade I’ve spent more time with their misunderstood 1968 masterpiece The Kinks Are The Village…


  Libby Holman (1904 – 1971) by Sarony New York, ca. 1928. The torch singer Libby Holman had a life so wild there have been at least two films inspired by it. In 1904 she was born to what had been a well-to-do Jewish family in Ohio—that is until her uncle embezzled all their money….

Short Story in a Song— The Go-Go’s “Vacation” by S W Lauden

I usually write about songs that would make a great short story, but this time I actually did it. My take on “Vacation” is included in the new anthology, MURDER-A-GO-GO’S, out this week from Down & Out Books. Having lived through the band’s meteoric rise in the 80s, I always thought of this New Wave…

Short Story in a Song: ‘Lola’ by the Kinks By Paul Matts

  It’s happened to all of us hasn’t it? To the best, to the worst. In a club or pub. In ‘North Soho’ possibly? Maybe elsewhere? Or some other public place, even. There are others I suppose. Minding our own business, or maybe interrupting somebody else’s. And bang. An attraction to another human. A connection….

Short Story in a Song— Suprgrass’ “Caught by the Fuzz” by S W Lauden

  Britpop. Bands that defined this ad hoc 90s musical genre took their inspiration from previous decades—60s pop, 70s glam and punk, 80s new wave—blending them together into a vibe-y cultural cocktail. The best songs from the era delivered melodies, hooks and plenty of snotty attitude from the likes of Oasis, Blur, Elastica, Pulp and…